q-and-aTop5Question: What does the average process look like for someone using your services?

Answer: My process typically can be divided into three stages: Consult, Search, and Delivery. Here’s what I mean by this: Consult – I sit down with you to find out your vehicle preferences, budget, and other relevant information. I mostly listen during this time to best understand what your needs are, only asking questions to clarify. I do this to make certain that I understand what constitutes your definition of success for your vehicle search.

Search: After the consultation, I search for the best vehicle possible at the best price (if a used vehicle, a deposit may be required – please see below)  as defined by the your goals.

Deliver: I deliver your new vehicle (mechanically inspected and professionally detailed) and associated paperwork to your place of business, home or most convenient location for completing the transaction!



Question: Do I have to pay for your services in addition to the cost of the vehicle purchase or lease?

Answer: No. The cost for my service is included in the cost of the vehicle – which will be priced at or below local market value.


q-and-aQuestion: How does it benefit me to use you rather than the dealer?

Answer: Because my overhead expenses are significantly less than a dealer (consider that it costs a dealer to maintain inventory, buildings and multiple sales personnel), I can often save my clients money versus when they buy from a dealership.  I save my clients time when I can line up multiple options for review in one visit or deliver their purchase directly to their home or office. I save my clients stress by offering a consultative service rather than making the endless dealership sales pitch, by offering them my no-haggle price upfront, and by overseeing the entire car leasing/buying moving-part checklist from ‘A’ to ‘Z’ so they can go about their lives. Also, and perhaps most importantly, I have greater accountability for my product because my business seeks to create life-time customers – not just conclude the present sale opportunity. Finally, my business is marketed by referral only, and will only grow if you are satisfied.


q-and-aQuestion: Do you sell or lease new cars?

Answer: Yes. I have a business relationship with nearly every manufacturer for leasing, purchasing or financing a new vehicle.



q-and-aQuestion: Do you take trade-in’s?

Answer: Yes. I shop your trade to multiple sources to obtain the highest value for you on your trade-in (as opposed to the single bid from the average dealership).



q-and-aQuestion: Why do you sometimes ask for a deposit? 

Answer: If I agree to conduct a search on that party’s behalf for a used vehicle given their expressed parameters then I require a deposit – typically 10% of the anticipated purchase price. Once I find the client the vehicle they want this deposit is applied as money down or refunded to the client at time of delivery if they want to finance or lease (yes, I can lease used vehicles!) without applying money down. Or, if I fail to find the specified vehicle within the agreed upon time frame, the deposit is fully refunded. Why do I require a deposit? In part to separate the serious buyer from the tire kicker – I need to respect the time and trust of other clients who have already indicated their desire by providing a deposit. Also, I do this to ensure my client gets the cream of the crop as far as a used vehicle. Often these vehicles tend to sell extremely fast when they come to market – so I can use the client’s deposit to keep that vehicle from escaping if it happens to be a perfect fit according to their Client Goals!


q-and-aQuestion: Do you take Consignments?

Answer: Yes, I do. Please ask me for details if you are interested.