An Invaluable Benefit

Nathan's CarAn Invaluable Benefit

Nathan’s Story:


I am really liking the Infiniti Q40.

My overall experience in working with you was excellent. You were very responsive to my requests and you listened to what I wanted in a car while providing your insight without pressuring me into one decision or another. Working with you saved me time, money and hassle since I did not have to drive around to multiple dealerships and negotiate prices. You arranged a test drive of the vehicles I was interested in, along with an additional vehicle that was comparable to what I was looking at. In doing the test drives, it was nice because I did not feel the pressure of needing to make a decision immediately and it was also nice because I was able to drive one car after another so I could really make a good comparison between the options.

I was a little skeptical about your services at first since I had not worked with an auto broker in the past, but after working with you to get a new car I feel that you got me a great deal on the lease cost of my Q40 without me having to fight to get the price I was willing to pay, along with you doing the legwork to get the exact car I wanted. Working with you instead of a dealer provides an invaluable benefit since you do all the work to arrange the test drives, find the specific car I am looking for and you get a good price on the car that I would otherwise have to negotiate hard for at the dealer. I do not see myself purchasing another car without using your services again. Based on my experience in working with you to get the Q40, I definitely will be recommending your services to my family and friends when they are in need of a new car.” – Nathan